Venture Smith’s Colonial Connecticut is a fantastic classroom resource for middle-school students. Venture’s story is both exciting and engaging, and this book makes it accessible for middle-school students across the state. I teach a local history class on Venture Smith at Stonington High School. High school students are entranced and engaged by Venture’s life story, and they love the way it is interwoven into their local history. Venture Smith’s Colonial Connecticut makes this same connection available to all middle school students in Connecticut. I highly recommend it.

Nancy H. Steenburg, Ph.D., University of Connecticut; project historian for the Stonington Historical Society's Venture Smith project


2020 Connecticut Center for the Book Finalist for "The Spirit of Connecticut" Award

Students learn about Connecticut's founding through the real life of Venture Smith

In this true story of freedom first published in 1798, Connecticut's Venture Smith tells students about his rise from slavery to become a successful farmer, fisherman, and trader in the American Revolutionary era.



Venture Smith’s Colonial Connecticut provides teachers and students alike with a riveting, first-hand account of what life was really like for a person of color in colonial Connecticut. It delivers an alternative perspective of American history other than the traditional upper class, white male viewpoint so prevalent in our 19th century town histories. Venture Smith is a role model for all Americans, and this book should be read not only by middle school students and their teachers, but by everyone.” Lucianne Lavin, Ph.D., Institute for American Indian Studies, Washington, Connecticut, director of archaeological excavations at The Venture Smith Archaeological Site in Haddam Neck, Connecticut, and co-author of The Venture Smith Homestead

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  • ELA - Two types of non-fiction text including Smith's first person narrative published in 1798
  • Social Studies - Designed for the State of Connecticut Social Studies Frameworks for grade 5, "Early United States History;" suitable for grades 5 - 8
  • Local history -  Uses a true Connecticut story to illustrate national themes
  • Diverse Perspectives - Integrates African American and Native American history into the story of the founding of Connecticut


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Message to Teachers                                                          

Part I: Meet Venture
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2:  I was Born at Dukandarra
Chapter 3:  War Comes to My Home
Chapter 4:  Far From Home

Part II: Venture in Colonial America
Chapter 5: Venture Comes of Age
Chapter 6: Venture Gets Married & Runs Away
Chapter 7: A New Owner
Chapter 8: Venture’s Third Master Rents Him Out
Chapter 9: Venture Buys His Freedom
Chapter 10: Free at Last
Chapter 11: Venture Purchases Meg’s Freedom
Chapter 12: 100 Acres in Connecticut
Chapter 13: Calling Out Cheats and Counting Blessings
Chapter 14: Historians Fill in the Blanks

Part III: Colonial Connecticut
Chapter 15: Connecticut’s Beginnings
Chapter 16: Building a Puritan Colony
Chapter 17: Growing Pains
Chapter 18: The Colonial Economy

PART IV: Slavery in Colonial Connecticut  
Chapter 19: Slavery in Colonial Connecticut
Chapter 20: Laws About Slavery
Chapter 21: Slavery and the American Revolution
Chapter 22: The End of Slavery in Connecticut
Chapter 23: Why Venture’s Story is Important

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