Passed in the Spring 1848 session of the General Assembly. As Reported in The Hartford Courant, July 20, 1848

Section 1 says that no person shall be held in slavery in the State of Connecticut. 

Section 2 continues the state's concern for who would pay for the care of people who were formerly enslaved and were not able to care for themselves, such as the old, sick, and disabled. It says that former masters and their heirs would continue to be responsible or the town would be responsible and would be able to charge that cost back to the former master and their heirs.

Section 3 repeals several sections of the previous law. Sections 4 and 5 of the earlier law remained in effect. Those sections prohibited bringing enslaved people into the state to "be left, or sold" here. There was a fine of $350 per enslaved person brought into the state. Half of the fine was paid to the person who reported the offense, and half was paid to the state. 

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