A Court Held at Newtown (Hartford) April 26, 1636

Roger Ludlowe Esqr
Mr. Steele
Mr. Phelps
Mr. Westwood
Mr. Warde

It was now complained that Henry Stiles or some of the servants had traded a piece [gun] with the Indians for corn. It is ordered that Henry Stiles shall, between [now] and the next Court, regain the said piece from the said Indians in a fair and legal way, or else this Court will take it into further consideration. 

It is ordered that from henceforth none that are within the jurisdiction of this Court shall trade with the native or Indians any piece or pistol or gun or powder or shot under such heavy penalty as upon such misdemeanor the Court shall think meet. 

Constables sworn for Dorchester, Newtown, & Watertowne, for this next year and until new be chosen are Henry Walcott for Dorchester, Samuel Wakema for Newtown & Daniel Finch for Watertowne.


A Court Held at Dorchester, June 7th, 1636

Whereas the last Court Henry Stiles was ordered to regain a piece he had traded with the Indians which he doth not appear that he hath done, it is ordered that a warrant shall be directed to him to perform the same by the next Court & then personally appear & answer his neglect.

It is ordered that there shall be a sufficient watch maintained in every town and that the Constable of each town shall duly warn the same & see that the inhabitants or residents do in their turn … .

It is ordered that every soldier in each plantation shall have in his house in readiness before the end of August next two pounds of powder and that they shall show it to the Constable whenever he shall call them [or pay a penalty] also 20 bullets of lead in the like readiness upon the same penalty and in the same manner to be levied. 


A Court Held at Watertown, [some time between June and November] 1636

It is ordered that every plantation shall train once in every month, & if up complaint of their military officer it appears that there be very unskilled the plantation may appoint the officer to train oftener the said unskillful. And for default of every soldier’s absence the absent to pay 5s for every time without lawful excuse….


Declaration of War against the Pequot, May 1, 1637. Colonial Records, vol. 1

The First Day of May 1637, General Court at Hartford

It is ordered that there shall be an offensive war against the Pequot, and that there shall be 90 men levied out of the three plantations, Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor out of Hartford 42, Windsor 30, Wethersfield 18: under the command of Captain James Mason and in the case of death or sickness under the command of Robert Seeley and the oldest Sargent or military officer surviving, if both these miscarry. …

It is ordered that Windsor shall provide 60 bushels of corn, Hartford 84 bushels, Wethersfield 36 bushels, of this each plantation to bake in biscuit the one half if by any means they can, the rest in ground meal. 

Hartford to provide 3 firkins of suet, two firkins of butter, … 4 bushels of oatmeal, two bushels of peas, 500 of fish, 2 bushels of salt; Wethersfield 1 bushels of Indian beans; Windsor 50 pieces of pork, 30 pounds of rice, 4 cheeses. 

It is ordered that every soldier shall Cary with him 1 pound powder, 4 pounds shot, 20 bullets.


Transcription of the Declaration of War against the Pequot, May 1, 1637


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